Recently, we took a break from online mixing and mastering and jumped into the mix chair with Beats Antique at their new Oakland facility. With a massive live rehearsal space, separate vocal booth, drum booth and mix room tuned by Bob Hodas, the Beats Antique studio is ready for anything.

When working with the BA team, you must be ready to go full animal head at any moment. That's how you know their feeling it! We used loads of UAD plug-ins, which made mixing in Ableton Live much more bearable. Each mix got the 'car' test, a great way to A/B studio mixes. We would finish a mix, drop it on the iPhone and take it to either RD's car or Dave Satori's whip. Tommy, Dave and RD would then take notes and hit the studio mix again, going back and forth until we had the perfect balance of studio vs. car. 

Finally, the crew donned their animal heads and full celebration ensued.