Our long time friends The Glitch Mob tapped us for online mixing and mastering of the debut album for Yaarrohs on their imprint "Glass Air Records."  Yaarrohs is the first artist on the label not affiliated with the band, making her release a truly special one. The simplicity and depth of emotion in her music were a dream to work with. Her songs consisted of very few stems, but each instrument was incredibly deliberate and  perfectly arranged to convey maximum feeling. Yaarrohs is truly gifted.

During the mixing process, we applied very gentle EQ to her vocals, adding shine by shelving up the hi's slightly, then warming them with a slight boost to her mids and a fair amount of analog modeled compression. We gave many of her choruses a gentle stereo spread and grouped everything through more analog modeled EQ's and compressors until we achieved a warm, gooey, luscious tone. The minimal nature of her drums and instrumentation gave us plenty of room to give each sound it's own  place the stereo field, making each mix tasty, minimal and consistently fresh. 

The entire release was Mastered for iTunes. Our biggest goal was to achieve warm, rich low end and a round, delicious tone. We kept the original, slightly darker vibe of our final mix by controling the hi's through multi-band compression and using very little mastering EQ. Depending on the song, we used 1 of 2 different soft clip limiters to achieve loudness, each with it's own minimal yet distinct characteristic. 

We recently had the pleasure of online mixing and mastering new live material for Yaarrohs and we can say, without a doubt, she is a raw talent. Expect more avante guarde, incredibly gorgeous tunes from her this year. Hats off to the Glitch Mob for breaking an incredible new artist. We are honored to work with such incredible materiel. Enjoy!